SEAPITCH AWARD 2023 (Southeast Asian Project Pitch)

SEAPITCH AWARD - “The Passport” | Director: Ananth Subramaniam, Producer: Choo Mun Bel

The project deals with a serious issue, an immigration within its own region, with a sense of humor and touch of fantasy, the combined approach taking us on a bold journey of a quest for identity over the backdrop of restrictive history. The jury appreciates the project for its daring at the same time refreshing intention.

RUNNER-UP PRIZE - “A Ballad of Long Hair” | Director: Giovanni Rustanto, Producers: Annisa Adjam and Fran Borgia

This is an outstanding project, set against a political context and blended with supernatural elements. A personal project, but one that resonates with wider perspectives.

SPECIAL MENTION - “The Silence and Stealth of a Hungry Cat” | Director: Arden Rod Condez, Producers: Stelle Laguda and Jo Andrew Torlao

For the innovative integration of performing arts in the cinematic context, while the visual design captivates our collective imagination. The subtle infusion of political context adds depth, elevating the narrative to transcend ordinary storytelling. Bold and yet sensitive, the project crafts a visually striking and socially resonant narrative.

WHITE LIGHT SEAPITCH AWARD - “The Intruder (O Intruso)” | Director: Theo Rumansara, Producers: Axel Hadiningrat and Giovanni Rahmadeva

A very ambitious project with a political background. White Light wishes to see the landscape and peoples of Timor Leste, and hopes this award will encourage the project to come out on the big screen.
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