Aimless Bullet

Aimless Bullet
Director: Yu Hyeon-mok

Country: South Korea
Year: 1961
Running Time: 108 minutes

Producer: Kim Seong-chun
Starring: Choi Mu-ryong, Kim Jin-kyu, Moon Jeong-suk, Seo Ae-ja, Kim Kye-jeong


Acclaimed as one of the best Korean films in history, “Aimless Bullet” portrays the social and psychological hardships faced by men and women in the post-Korean War years. Cheol-ho is an accountant who lives with his demented mother, pregnant wife and prostitute sister in a run-down house. So poor is the family that Cheol-ho doesn’t even have enough to pay a dentist to pull off his bad teeth. While struggling to make a living, Cheol-ho is drawn to two women, a seductive actress and a lonesome nurse, and his life is drawn into an unexpected and violent turn.

Director’s Biography:

Yu Hyeon-mok was an important South Korean film director whose socially-relevant works are often compared to the post-war Italian Neo-Realism movement. This made him unpopular to commercial film studios and the military governments. He directed his first film in 1956 and would continue to make almost 40 films until the mid-1990s. He died in 2009.
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