The River Knows Our Names

The River Knows Our Names
Status Script Development
Country Vietnam


In a stateless community living on houseboats on the Mekong near the Cambodia-Vietnam border, two families chance upon two dead people’s ID cards which lead to an opportunity to move ashore. Being called by a new (first) full name brings laughter and hope until escaping to another life proves to be harder than holding a piece of paper.


Mai Huyen Chi (or Chi Mai) is a writer and director from Vietnam. In 2020, Chi started developing “The River Knows Our Names”, which will be her feature-length directorial debut. The project won Far East Udine Award at Hongkong’s Film Financing Forum, thus travelled to Focus Asia Co-production Market (2020 Far East Film Festival), and went through Locarno Consultancy-Creative Production. She is now working on the second draft.


Pedro Román was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Román moved to London after finishing his degree in Media. It was in the British capital where Román really started his filming career, working at Tigerlily Films while developing a handful of shorts that competed at some international festivals. Román then moved to Ho Chi Minh City, where he started developing his first feature film.

Lê Chi Janny is a Vietnamese-Canadian filmmaker. With a particular interest in social issues and community-focused narratives, she made her first short documentary “Letterheads” in 2010 as a participant of Hot Docs' Doc Camp in Toronto. Since then, she has worked on several short films and documentaries, including a collaboration with local NGO Pacific Links to document the voices of the survivors of human trafficking in Lao Cai, Vietnam.
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