2021 / Malaysia / 5 minutes / dir. Julien Chen Lip Syn, Danial Arif


Unable to see each other due to the 2020 pandemic lockdown in Malaysia, a new young couple and their cat narrate their feelings about each other, from how they met and how they’re coping, in the hopes for better, brighter days.

Director’s Biography:

Julien Chen Lip Syn
A UK film graduate, Julien Chen has been involved in the documentary and short film scene, locally and in various parts of the world for over 5 years now. His interest in the local culture, folktale and stories drove him to establish a production company back home, in the hopes of utilising the rich untapped treasure trove of stories waiting to be told from the region and putting them onto mainstream platforms. Inspired by his own youth with manga, video games and east asian pop culture, many of his works are often related to youth romance, coming of age or romance comedy as he loves the bittersweet feeling of youth, regrets and first loves. In fact, Remember’s directing style is hugely inspired by Shinkai Makoto’s early animated short- She and her cat.

Danial Arif
A UK film graduate, Danial Arif Having 7 years experience in film both locally and abroad, Danial has work countless projects throughout his career albeit narrative filmmaking, commercials or events. One of the honoraries that he has achieved would be winning the Best Short for Kiev International Film Festival for a short fiction narrative that he produced in the UK.
Danial sees film as a medium capable of expressing one's feelings and opinion of the world and wants to use that medium to share his own experiences and also talk about social issues that are happening in the world right now as he believes that through narrative filmmaking, it can bring awareness to the audiences.
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