February 1st

February 1st
2021 / France, Myanmar / 12 minutes / dir. Momo, Leila Macaire


Through the portraits of two women filmmakers, one Burmese the other French, who have both witnessed the country in a very different light, this visual documentary explores through a travel diary their reflection towards art, revolution and freedom.


Momo is a film director and a lens-based multidisciplinary artist. She wrote and directed award-winning short films such as “My Lover Never Came” (2016), “From Me To Me” (2017) and “Her Mirrors” (2019), which travelled to many festivals internationally. In 2018, she also founded 3-ACT, a cinema magazine and a film education hub to support narrative storytelling in the local film community.

Leila Macaire is a french director and photographer living in Paris. Identity and social diversity are two themes recurring most presently in her work. Both in film and photography she questions and defends human rights as much as women's rights, finding expression through visual and aesthetic research.
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