Volunteers 19

Volunteers 19
2021 / Thailand / 26 minutes / dir. Putipong Saisikaew


When Covid-19 has changed our lifestyle, measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus, and many activities have been canceled. Even the Songkran festival that has been in Thailand for a long time still has to stop!!! And this is the second year that Thailand has no Songkran event.

Because of the coronavirus crisis, Papon (musician) was forced to return to his hometown even though he didn't want to set foot in his house again. It’s because he hates his aunty “Aoy”. She works at VHV (Village Health Volunteers). Everyone in the village is quite annoyed with her and she also caused Papon and May to break up with each other. This was the reason why Papon ran away to Bangkok.

When someone infected with Covid-19 escaped from quarantine to the village, Papon and Aoy had to find and catch that person. This situation made Papon change his mind about Aoy. He found her a good person and helpful for this village.

Director’s Biography:

Putipong Saisikaew
Director (Movie)
Art of the Devil (2005)
Love First (2011)
TerdKao Jak Kum Sorn Kong Por (2012)
3AMpart2 (2014)
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