2020 / Malaysia / 17 minutes / dir. Feisal Azizuddin


Stuck in a lockdown due to the pandemic, Bakar is on a video call with his friend, Ilham. As they reminisce about pre-pandemic life, news reports suddenly emerge of extreme measures by the government. More news trickles in about the virus mutating on online forums. Bakar tries to contact his mother, who had slipped out to buy some groceries. Alone and afraid, an infected person starts pounding at the front door. Bakar faces off with the intruder and kills him then sets off to find his mother. As he drives around the deserted city, he receives a final voice message from her.

Director’s Biography:

Feisal Azizuddin has directed and produced films which have been screened in festivals such as the Jogja-NETPAC Film Festival, the Monterrey International Film Festival, the New Zealand’s Vision Feast Film Festival, the Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival and the George Town Festival (MY). Feisal’s latest directorial work is “Ceroboh”, a sci-fi thriller produced by Kuman Pictures. In 2019, Feisal was selected as a Fellow by Busan Asian Film School for their International Film Business program.
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