Surau dan Silek

Director: Arief Malinmudo

Country: Indonesia

Year: 2017

Running Time: 90 minutes

Producer: Emil Bias, Gilang Dirga

Executive Producer: Dendi Reynando

Starring: Muhammad Razi, Bintang Khairafi, Bima Jousant, Randu Arini, F Barry Cheln, Dewi Irawan, Gilang Dirga, Komo Ricky, Praz Teguh, Yusril Katil, Dato’A. Tamimi

Screenplay: Arief Malinmudo

Cinematographer: Afdal Arsyah

Editor: Haris F. Syah

Music: Mc Anderson, Anderta, Mangkils Hasan


Adil is an eleven-year-old boy who learns the martial art of silek for competitions. He is taught by his own uncle Rustam. So upset with his defeat to Hardi he accuses him of cheating. He even gets more devastated when Rustam leaves the village to live in the city. Along with his friends Dayat and Kurip, Adil then begins searching for a new teacher and meets Johar, a retired university teacher and a former silek warrior. Johar is successful in introducing the grand philosophy of silek to the children.
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