Status     : Script Development
Country  : Thailand


Duen decides to follow the path her best friend Maprang took: to live a new life and work as a masseuse in Seoul. But after arriving there, Deun learns that her best friend has gone missing.

While Deun is trying to find a lead to her missing best friend, she is gradually getting to know her regular client, Jee-un, a Korean female tattoo artist. When Jee-un visits the police for her car accident case, she finds out that the accident led not only to her own boyfriend’s death but also to the death of a yet unidentified person - Maprang. Jee-un realizes that Duen’s missing friend is now dead and it’s because of her.


Tongpong Chantarangkul a Thai writer/director. He is currently developing “Skin” which was selected for the 2018 Seoul Screenplay Development Support by the Seoul Film Commission.


Maenum Chagasik a Thai producer. Recently, she produced “Krabi, 2562” which world-premiered at the 2019 Locarno Film Festival.
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