Running to the Spring

Director: Xia Xiaoyun

Country: China

Year: 2018

Running Time: 95 minutes

Producer: Lu Shuchao

Executive Producer: Shao Keqin, Cui Xiaoke

Starring: Zhang Duo, Yang Lixin, Yang Kun, Zheng Hao, Xu Baihui, Zhao Xiaosu, Bao Xiao, Yin Tong, Liu Yang

Screenplay: Zhang Ji, He Qinggang

Cinematographer: Adi Jiang

Editor: Cao Yang

Music: Su Junjie

Production Design: Wu Lingyun


Based on a true story from Ninghai in Zhejiang Province, Running to the Spring revolves around Fang Chuntian, a village head who is passionate about villagers’ wellbeing. Nevertheless, he faces a series of difficulties including village-level official affairs, villager management and clan relations and family relations during the preparation of an international mountain marathon race in the village. Instead of centering on the most frequently adopted theme of poverty alleviation in rural films its precedents, Running to the Spring, with a nuanced image style, presents a brand-new panorama of the beautiful eastern Zhejiang countryside to the audience.
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