Director: Nadiah Hamzah

Country: Malaysia

Year: 2019

Running Time: 85 minutes

Producer: Muhammad Bahir

Executive Producer: Honey Ahmad, Adam Firsham

Starring: Sharifah Amani, Rosyam Nor, Iedil Putra

Screenplay: Nadiah Hamzah, Muhammad Bahir, Honey Ahmad, Nadia Khan, Mamu Vies

Cinematographer: Zainudin Mohamed

Editor: Muhammad Bahir, John Hafiz

Music: Irena Taib, Eng Hooi Teoh

Production Design: Jack Lee Tze Loong


Motif explores the complexity of polygamy set within the parameters of a crime drama from an Asian, female perspective.

Driven by her relentlessness in seeking for answers, Inspector Dewi’s (Sharifah Amani) career with the KL City Police is on a rise. However, her new assignment to a small town is slowly unravelling her troubled personal life. Wedded as a second wife in a polygamous marriage, Dewi struggles for her husband’s attention, especially with the first wife already bearing his child.
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