Love en Route

Director: Natheewat Wongchariyawat

Country: Thailand

Year: 2016

Running Time: 21 minutes

Producer: Yada Nanthaworaphongsa

Starring: Nla Aurthaveekul, James Alexander Mackie, Niranath Victoria Coates, Naphat Siangsomboon

Screenplay: Voraluk Klasukon

Cinematographer: Supawat Sangrung

Editor: Natheewat Wongchariyawat, Supawat Sangrung

Production Design: War rooms


Three short films bound together by the theme of love in different dimensions:

Love en Route #1 two strangers embark on a journey which will change their life forever

Love en Route #2 Having only ten days after their reunion, they try their best to make the most of their time together regardless of what awaits

Love en Route #3 A mixed blooded woman journalist came to Thailand for a coverage of the royal projects and became enlightened by Thai people’s affection for their king.
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