Hope Frozen

Director: Pailin Wedel

Country: Thailand, United States of America

Year: 2018

Running Time: 75 minutes


Producer: Pailin Wedel

Executive Producer: Amanda Feldon

Screenplay: Pailin Wedel, Nina Ijäs

Cinematographer: Mark Oltmanns, Mark Dobbin, ACS

Editor: Nina Ijas, Dug Moore

Music: Chapavich Temnitikul


A two-year-old girl from Bangkok, nicknamed “Einz” became the youngest person in the world to undergo cryo-preservation. After her death from brain cancer, her family stores her remains in an American lab. Her head and brain now rest inside a tank in Arizona. Hope Frozen follows the family who made this unorthodox decision. The girl’s father, a laser scientist, yearns to give Einz the opportunity to experience a rebirth inside a regenerated body. He instils this dream inside his son, a 15-year-old whiz kid named Matrix, who wants to be a part of reviving his little sister. But what the boy later discovers will rattle the family's radical hope in science.
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