Gusto Kita with All My Hypothalamus

Director: Dwein Baltazar

Country: Philippines

Year: 2018

Running Time: 105 minutes

Producer: Giancarlo Abrahan

Executive Producer: Bianca Balbuena, Jedd Dumaguina, Perci M. Intalan, Jun Lana, Madonna Tarrayo

Starring: Iana Bernardez, Nicco Manalo, Anthony Falcon, Dylan Ray Talon, Soliman Cruz, Ash Nicanor, Nestor Abrogena Jr., Angely Castroverde

Screenplay: Dwein Baltazar

Cinematographer: Neil Daza

Editor: Ilsa Malsi

Music: Myka Magsaysay, Paul Sigua

Production Design: Maolen Fadul


Caloy (20) is hopeless romantic thrift shop employee. He begins to fall for a regular customer, Aileen. One day, Caloy devices a plan to create the perfect moment for them. Lando (50) is a widowed electronics store owner with a desire. Aileen wants something from the shop she can’t afford and Lando is willing to accept other means of payment. Unhappy with his current girlfriend, Alex (17) befriends Aileen online and now wants is to meet her in person. Lastly, Obeng (30) the mysterious thief who takes a piece of Aileen’s jewellery at a time and collects them as a keepsake of her.
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