Genghis Khan

Country : Philippines

Titles : Genghis Khan

Genres : Action

Rating :

Year : 1952

Time : 88 นาที

Director : Manuel Conde

Actor : Manuel Conde, Lou Salvodor, Elvira Reyes, Inday Jalandoni

Synopsis :
    “Genghis Khan” dramatises the daring exploits of Temujin, a Mongol prince in the 12th century. Amid land rights feuds, the young prince doesn’t realise that tribal leader Burchou plans to massacre other chiefs at a feast, and though he makes a narrow escape, the prince returns home to find his village destroyed. Driven to seek revenge, Temujin competes at the Man of Men contest and plots a scheme to expose Burchou’s treachery while falling in love with the enemy commander's daughter. His path to become The Great Conqueror is strewn with blood and obstacles.
    “Genghis Khan” premiered in 1952 at Venice International Film Festival. The prints were thought to have been lost, but they were accidentally discovered in a warehouse in Italy. A restoration process followed and the film was invited to screen in Venice again in 2012.
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