Fly by Night

Director: Zahir Omar

Country: Malaysia

Year: 2018

Running Time: 100 minutes

Drama, Crime

Producer: Leonard Tee, Muhammad Bahir

Executive Producer: Perin Petrus, Farouk Aljffery, Joanne Goh

Starring: Sunny Pang, Bront Palare, Fabian Loo, Eric Chen, Jack Tan, Frederic Lee, Joyce Harn, Ruby Yap, Shaun Chen

Screenplay: Dain Said, Ivan Yeo, Fred Bailey

Cinematographer: Low Soon Keong

Editor: Dom Heng, Ajay Kumar

Music: Zane Adam

Production Design: Nick Wong


In the heart of a bustling metropolis, Tai Lo (Sunny Pang) runs a profitable con-game with his fellow taxi drivers and his younger brother Sai Lo (Fabian Loo). When he brings Ah Soon (Eric Chen) – his father’s former accomplice – into the game, it upsets the hot-headed Sai Lo who has been dreaming of bigger schemes for bigger profits. Sai Lo then teams up with another of their gang member, Gwai Lo (Jack Tan), but his plan goes awry, and then comes a series of unfortunate incidents including a fire at a casino run by notorious gangster Jared (Frederick Lee). Jared demands compensation from Tai Lo. Forced into a corner, Tai Lo has to do all he can to save everyone.
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