Flat Girls

Status    : Script Development
Country : Thailand


As Jane prepares to leave a police flat where she was born and raised, she starts to reflect on old memories including a painful story of love and intimacy lost between a handsome young policeman and Ann, the ambitious older girl Jane once secretly loved. These memories bring to light past secrets Jane has never told anyone.


Jirassaya Wongsutin began her career as a screenwriter at GMM Tai Hub, one of the leading commercial film studios in Thailand. Thai series “One Year 365 Days, My House, Your Home” established her as a professional film director in both the commercial and independent Thai film industry.


Noorahaya Lahtee began her career as a post producer at White Light Studio, and worked on both Thai and international projects such as “By The Time It Gets Dark”, “Pop Aye” and “Call Me by Your Name”.
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