2020 / Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand / 22 minutes / dir. Ostin Fam


An alien arrives on Earth on a quest to find assistance to rebuild his home. Under dissociated instruction of his spaceship, he makes a stopover at a construction site in Vietnam, where the biggest temple of the world is being built. In disguise, the alien encounters a reverent worshipper, a cynical construction worker and a mysterious medium.

As the group performs a spirit summoning ceremony, the alien observes these individuals exchanging their different ideas of home.


Ostin Fam (Pham Quoc Dung) is an independent filmmaker. His work seeks to elevate underserved narratives, but rather than attempting to capture the existential pain that comes with underrepresentation, he tries to hone in on the specifics of experience. The notion of cultural fluidity has become a focal point in his work; how we reconcile our identities in different lands with different customs.

Born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam, Fam attended a Documentary Workshop at the Centre for Assistance and Development of Movie Talents in 2012 with a graduating film “The Journey” which earned the center’s Silver Lotus Bud Award. For undergraduate studies, Fam received Freeman Asian Scholarship to attend Wesleyan University where he earned a BA in Film Studies and a minor in East Asian Studies. In 2017, in addition to graduating with high honors, he was the recipient of the Steven J. Ross Prize, awarded to the best senior film thesis for his project short/cut.
He spent the past two years working on different film projects of his own and other filmmakers in New York and Vietnam, many of which have travelled various international film festivals. Fam is a member of Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective, the first and largest collective of independent filmmakers in New York and one of four recipients of Sony Pictures' IFP Marcie Bloom Fellowship in Film in 2017.

His last short film project “Bình” is funded by the CJ Cultural Foundation, the Singapore International Film Festival and the TPD Center.
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