A Boy and Sungreen

Country : Korea

Titles : A Boy and Sungreen

Genres : Drama 

Rating :

Year : 2018

Time : 99 min

Director : Ahn Juyoung

Actor : Ahn Ji-ho,  Kim Ju-a,  Seo Hyun-woo,  Shin Dong-mi, Kim So-ra, 
Jang Junwhee, Min Kyung-jin, Hwang Gun, Jung Seung–gil
Synopsis :
    There is a fragile and sensitive boy in a tough world. His mother named him Bo-hee, and it was inevitable that he’d be given an unusual nickname.
    There is a seemingly unbreakable girl. Her name is Sungreen, and she is Bo-hee’s best friend. Bo-hee finds out that his mother has a boyfriend, and that his father is alive. He sets out to find his father with Sungreen. His life is suddenly flooded with new people, his cousin and her boyfriend, his father’s friends. The search for his father is tougher than he thought.
    Does my father exist? Where did I come from?
    His desire to find his father, and trepidations grow at the same time. In the process, he comes to realize what it is that he yearns for, what it is that holds meaning in his life. This is a coming of age story of a boy, and of all of us.
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