A Girl Missing

Country : Japan, France

Title : A Girl Missing

Genres : Drama
Rating  : 18

Year : 2019

Time : 111 min.

Director : Koji Fukada

Actor : Mariko Tsutsui, Mikako Ichikawa, Sosuke Ikematsu, Mitsuru Fukikoshi

Synopsis  :
Ichiko is a devoted in-home caregiver for a family she has almost became a part of. While Ichiko cares for the grandmother, she is also a confidant to Motoko, the eldest sister in the family. One day, Motoko’s younger sister disappears and was found shortly after. The media soon reveals the kidnapper was Ichiko’s own nephew.

Ichiko’s life changes dramatically when her secret past is revealed to the public by Motoko - the only person who was supposed to stay by Ichiko’s side. Everyone starts to distance themselves from Ichiko as she loses her job unlawfully over the crime her nephew has committed. On the surface, Ichiko is both a perpetrator and a victim, but the truth does not convey to the surroundings. Instead, everything spins out of control. The struggle and the frustration wreak havoc on her.

A few years have passed. As if trying to open an old wound, Ichiko returns to the town where she used to live. She spots Motoko, the person who ruined her life. Could it be a sign of liberation or is it the beginning of further destruction? What have Ichiko and Motoko done? What are their sins?


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